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From Dream to Reality!

Over a year ago, Partners embarked on a fantastic journey to transform what was once the bank at the SunTrust building into a magical state-of-the-art Partners branch. A dedicated team of 10 Partners Cast Members worked together to make this a reality.

The Partners project team worked effortlessly with Disney Facilities, Reedy Creek Improvement District, vendors near and far, and the Calic Group, the architectural firm hired to bring this branch to life. The result is a magnificent space with the iconic Partners colors, high-end finishes that are noticeable as soon as you arrive. You’ll be welcomed by an impressive lobby space of white washed tile flooring and a contrasting dark wood paneling wall that holds a lit Partners logo as if by magic. While you’re there, take advantage of a comfortable and modern waiting area that includes USB connectivity, charging stations and complimentary coffees.

The transformation doesn’t stop there. Outside, the branch includes a drive-up ATM and two drive-thru service lanes. We are proud to now call this the Partners Building and welcome all Cast Members from our neighbors at Disney Springs, Team Disney and Casting, as well as everyone that may be in the area. There are dedicated parking spaces for Members visiting the branch. The Lake Buena Vista Branch is now open! Stop by and say hello to our friendly Cast Members, after all, we are all Cast Serving Cast.


More Security at Your Fingertips

For added security, Partners introduces the ability to temporarily freeze your Partners Visa® Credit Card if you misplace it for any reason. Simply log into Online Banking via your desktop or mobile device, select your credit card, and follow the simple steps.

Q: Why/when would I want to lock my credit card?
A: If you are to temporarily misplace your credit card but do not want to change your account number yet this option will allow you to lock the credit card to prevent transactions until you locate it.
When the card is located simply unlock the card and continue using as normal -or – if you are not able to find your credit card notify Partners to advise the credit card has been lost or stolen.

Q: Am I able to unlock my credit card after it is locked?
A: Yes, simply log back into the Partners Mobile Application or log on to Partners Online Banking and unlock your card instantly.

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can lock and unlock my credit card?
A: No, there is not a limit.

Q: Is there a cost or fee to lock or unlock my credit card?
A: No, there is not a cost or fee.

Q: Does locking my credit card change the card number?
A: No, locking your credit card will not change your card number – it will be the same once the card is unlocked.
If you believe your card has been lost, stolen or compromised please contact us right away to advise.

Q: The disclosures said that “some activity on your account will continue” (merchants marked as recurring, returns, credits, etc). What does this mean and why?
A: Locking your credit card will prevent most new purchases from occurring. However, we want to make sure you do not miss any scheduled or recurring payments, credit returns, payments applied, etc.

Q: Why am I only able to lock my credit card and not my debit card?
A: We continue to explore offering this feature to our debit cards in the future. Partners continually strives to provide our Members with secure and convenient options to put you in control of your financial account management preferences.